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Ordering and Payment Policy

Order on Qbits Online Store

Welcome to Qbits online store. Qbits laptops are available in the online store. Place an order and be worry-free making a purchase through We offer easy and secure payment methods. Shop from our store by using credit or debit cards and get your Qbits product at your door. We also accept cash transactions. After placing an order you will receive an order confirmation e-mail containing the details of your order.

Online Support

We offer 24/7 day online support and service. To know more about the current status of Qbits products, contact our online order support center. Your online order support provides you with details and the most current status of your Qbits laptops.

Qbits Payment Method

We offer easy and secure online ordering services. We offer multiple choices of payment methods including credit and debit cards and bank transfers.

We accept

Credit or Debit Card and Cash Transactions visa card master card

Secure Payment Process

To pay simply select the card you would like to use and enter your card number and the date of expiry. During checkout, your card will be used exclusively and will be treated with utmost security. Once your order is shipped your card will be charged. However, for authentication Qbits may send a request for a pre-authorization.

Bank Transaction

We also accept the pre-payment method. Shortly after placing an order, you will receive an email containing details about the bank transaction. Once the amount is credited to our bank account you will receive a confirmation email and your order will be processed. However, If payment is not received within 30 days of the order, your order will be canceled according to our policy.