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Redefine Power
and Portability

Qbits Lania DX2 seamlessly integrates the power you need to get more done faster. At its core, the powerful Intel® Core™ i3 & i5 Processor and Intel® UHD Graphics 730 take it to a whole new level, offering an unmatched level of processing power, ensuring impeccably smooth operations for professionals with demanding workloads. Its revolutionary thermal architecture, meticulously engineered with an advanced cooling system, maintains precise temperature control, eradicating any risk of thermal throttling and assuring unwavering performance. With high-speed DDR4 RAM clocked at 3200 MHz and a lightning-fast M.2 PCIe 3.0, the Lania DX2 elevates everyday multitasking to a professional standard.
Sigma X2 Laptop

12th Generation
Intel® Core™ Processor

Sigma X2 Laptop

DDR4 3200Mhz
RAM Dual-Sodimm Slot

Ultra Compact and Upgradable Design

The Qbits Lania DX2 boasts an ultra-compact profile and upgradable design that empowers you to adapt to evolving technology trends.

12th Gen

Intel® Core™ i3 & i5

Alder Lake 12100 & 12400 Processor


UHD 730

Integrated graphics

CPU performance max

4.40 GHz

18 MB Intel® Smart Cache, 6 Cores, 12 Threads


M.2 Nvme SSD Pcie 3.0

Gen 3.0 up to 3200MB/s read speed

1.36 kg

Compact and Light

Full Range of I/O Ports

Comprehensive I/O ports for diverse needs including 4 USB 3.2 + 2 USB 2.0, 1 x VGA, 1 x Version-1.4 HDMI and LAN


Dual Channel RAM

DDR4 RAM clocked at 3200 MHz for the fastest and best performance

Next-Level Efficiency with 2TB M.2 NVMe SSD

Packed with a robust MAX 2TB M.2 NVMe SSD featuring PCIe 3.0 technology. With lightning-fast speeds of up to 3200MB/s through the PCIe Gen 3 interface, the Lania DX2 mini PC optimizes storage and system components. It provides ample room for storing your gaming library, media files, and more.

Speed Difference: SSD vs M.2 NGFF vs M.2 NVMe vs M.2 NVMe Gen 3.0

M.2 NVMe Gen 3.0








(Speed in GB/s)

Supercharged by Intel® UHD Graphics

Qbits Lania DX2 comes equipped with Intel® UHD Graphics 730 that brings a new level of visual excellence to your computing experience. Whether you're tackling creative projects, streaming content, or engaging in graphics, the Intel® UHD Graphics 730 ensures smooth and vibrant visuals. The Qbits Lania DX2 is designed to deliver a seamless blend of performance and graphics capabilities.

Qbits Cutting-edge Thermal Architecture

Lania DX2 boasts cutting-edge thermal architecture that efficiently regulates temperatures even under the most demanding workloads. Featuring a substantial heat sink for unparalleled airflow and heat dispersion, it delivers a premium, professional-grade performance built for years to come.

Comprehensive Array of Ports

Qbits Lania DX2 incorporates a wide array of ports featuring 4 USB 3.2 + 2 USB 2.0, 1 x VGA, and 1 x HDMI Version 1.4 for comprehensive connectivity. This allows you to connect versatile devices. Lania DX2 comes equipped with a multiple array of ports to tackle any task you undertake with impressive efficiency.

Elevate Your Workflow

The Qbits Lania DX2 packs the power and speed you need to accomplish tasks swiftly. The 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor makes the Lania DX2 Mini PC the hardest-working mini desktop in its class. Whether you're involved in crafting visually stunning presentations or indulging in immersive gaming sessions, The Lania DX2 mini PC effortlessly navigates through both work and play. Moreover, this Mini powerhouse excels in handling compute-intensive tasks, seamlessly editing massive images, and processing 8K ProRes videos with ease.

Lania Mini PC transforms any ordinary desk into a dynamic hub of productivity. Simply pair it with your choice of display, keyboard, and mouse, and you're instantly ready for a world of limitless creation, coding, and collaboration.
Dive headfirst into graphics-intensive rich gaming with super fluid frame rates and breathtaking fidelity by the incredible GPU performance of 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor and the extraordinary power of Intel® UHD 730 Integrated graphics.
Meet the Lania DX2, a content creation powerhouse that empowers creators to craft intricate masterpieces in mesmerizing detail, effortlessly exporting 4K files in the blink of an eye. Elevate your video editing game, effortlessly managing multiple streams of 4K video at lightning speed, thanks to the groundbreaking low-power AI Matrix Engine from Intel.
Lania DX2 provides the comprehensive tool you need to unleash your creativity, enabling the development of robust and engaging applications and games with exceptional performance and precision.

Unrivaled Power in a Compact Form

Go for the big. Play to win. The compact powerhouse packs impressive components into the ultrathin body of Qbits Lania DX2. Measuring just 195mm x 195mm x 47mm, its ultrathin design packs impressive components for unparalleled performance. This compact PC combines power and portability, effortlessly fitting into your backpack for on-the-go productivity. The lightweight chassis, both simple and elegant, ensures seamless work whether you're at your desk or on the move. With Qbits Lania DX2, learning is supercharged, and productivity knows no bounds, empowering you to conquer challenges and achieve success wherever your journey takes you.


Sleek and Sturdy

Lania DX2 has been built with a durable metal chassis, this Mini PC ensures extended durability and resilience, capable of withstanding rough usage. Reinforced metal chassis keeps it durable against everyday use. Blends into any environmental setting seamlessly. Resistant to fingerprint, it even looks fresh and new day-to-day. This Mini PC is designed with your inner essence, making it a stunning and powerful choice for those who appreciate both form and function

Aluminium Metal

Dual Band Wi-Fi

Intel Dual Band Intel® Wireless-AC 9560 supercharges your Wi-Fi experience, boasting accelerated speeds of 1.73 Gbps per stream on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. This means faster online gaming, quicker file transfers, smoother video streaming, and seamless internet surfing.

Supporting Wi-Fi 802.11AC, this robust wireless solution provides a stable and reliable signal, ensuring superior coverage and overall performance. Enjoy a hassle-free and consistent connectivity experience with the Intel Wireless-AC 9560.

Wi-fi 2.4 and 5 GHz

Unlocks Limitless Possibilities

The Qbits Lania DX2 is a true powerhouse, packed with high-performance components that unlock limitless possibilities. This versatile Lania DX2 mini PC effortlessly turns any space into a fully functional workstation. Just connect a keyboard, mouse, monitor, projector, or TV. Its compact design seamlessly fits on any desk, giving you the flexibility to stay productive on the go. With the Qbits Lania DX2, you have the freedom to efficiently tackle tasks and stay productive anytime, anywhere.

Personalize Your Lania
Elevate your tech style and make a statement with a gadget that's uniquely yours! With Lania, we offer you the opportunity to personalize the cover with your favorite images. It's more than just a computer; it's a canvas for your creativity. Lorem ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the
Imagine gifting a Mini PC adorned with a cherished family photo, a breathtaking landscape, or a work of art that inspires you.

Qbits Smart

Qbits laptops come with a backpack,
professionally tailored only for Qbits to
suit your requirements.

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Shoulder Strap

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Qbits Smart Backpack

Qbits laptops come with a backpack,professionally tailored only for Qbits to suit your requirements.

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Shoulder Strap

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Explore Qbits more for your dreamiest accessories. A place where you can get everything to satisfy your needs.


Explore Qbits more for your dreamiest accessories.
A place where you can get everything to satisfy your needs.

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